Thursday, July 06, 2006


There is a new entry on Rachel’s secret blog today. Sort of sparse but I am sure that there will be more coming shortly (there usually is). At any rate, Rachel followed Mittlewerk to the airport last night only to find that he was not in the car. A short dejected walk on the wharf? And she saw a 40 foot Hanso container being loaded onto this ship:

Note: Most anagrams I have seen for Helgus Antonius seem contrived, except for perhaps “A legion hunts us!” or the Latin "Lingua Honestus" (Honorable Speech). But I don’t believe that it is an anagram.) The ship seems to be heavily loaded (SPIDER PROTOCOL) and is heading out to sea. Some players say this ship is riding high in the water (read not heavily loaded) but I have yet to see someone with any expertise comment on that. What I see is a lot of containers on a ship heading out to sea. Is Mittlewerk on board? It looks like Rachel has been out-maneuvered here… can you say, Port Authority. If she can bribe a nurse I think a Port official should be next!

Update 07/11/06
Rachel took our advice (as quoted from her blog):
"...because, despite the bribe money I dropped on him (was nice knowing you, Widmore severance package), the harbormaster didn't waver in his account. Not even for a second. The Helgus Antonius never ARRIVED in Sanremo, and it never left."

And for additional information on Helgus and Antonius see the following:
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    The Alternative said...

    It has been extremely quiet in the Experience for three days (I expect that to change soon) and many players can't seem to contain themselves. There is a lot of crumbling and some complaining that there isn't more happening. Please be patient. We'll get our share of clues soon. Oh, and for the record I don't believe GPS or geocaching will be involved in the game in Act 3.
    The Alternative One

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