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D.J. DAN PODCAST 07/10/06

A new D.J. Dan podcast was posted today on the Let Your Compass Guide You website:

  • Compass

  • Go to the site, click on the 108 degrees, enter “Y” to the question and find the owelles folder. Click on the file named DJDan7-10-Pod posted on 10-June-2006 10:09 (Notice incorrect Month entry here.) (Also, refresh the page if you do not see the file when first entering the folder.)
    Filename “Where’sAlvar_Jeep” Running Time 4 minutes 58 seconds. You can also find the podcast on the D.J. Dan site under the podcast archives. Click on 7/10 to hear it.


    “Announcer: Coming to you live from the bug planted in your head.

    Singing: D. J. Dan.

    Announcer: You’re listening to D. J. Dan. Shutting down the man!

    Background static.

    D. J. Dan: Get your dialing fingers ready Conspiraspies. It’s time for the first installment… of our brand new spanking series: Where’s Alvar?! Now, if you’ve been following the work of our dream girl, whistle-blowing, investigative, whippersnapper, Rachel Blake, who may or may not be the hacker Persephone, who in true Conspiraspy fashion literally shut down the Hanso foundation website, then you know she’s having a little bit of a problem. See, she’s hitting a lot of dead ends, most of them circulating around the fact that she can’t seem to locate the man with all the answers, the ring leader himself Alvar Hanso. Tonya, ah, where do you think Alvar Hanso is?

    Tonya: Ah, standing right behind you?

    D. J. Dan: What? What? Whoa! (Laughs) (Tonya laughs) Right, almost gave me a heart attack Tonya, see, I got, ah, one of those actual size cardboard cutouts of Hanso standing right back there in the corner. Printed it from that Narvik photo, and Tonya knows I have a bad memory. Anyway, back to topic. I wanted to help Rachel find Hanso. So, I thought to myself, self, you’ve got a worldwide network of eager Conspiraspies and most of them have two very curious eyes. So I’ve decided to put those eyeballs to use Conspiraspies. Have you seen Alvar Hanso? Have you had a run in with the man himself? Then give us a call. First caller… Brad from Mitchiana.

    Brad: Ah, Michianna.

    D.J. Dan: Yeah, whatever. Where the hell is Michianna?

    Brad: Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana, we’re sparsely populated D.J. Dan.

    D.J. Dan: And I can see why. Bradley, where’s Alvar?

    Brad: Well, O.K., I’m pretty sure I saw him at a Mr. Cluck’s. He was eating a family bucket, like, all by himself.

    D.J. Dan: Breasts or legs and thighs?

    Brad: Ah, I think it was legs and thighs.

    D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Billionaires do not eat legs and thighs. It’s a fact. Look it up. Andrew from the San Fernando Valley. Like, totally, Andrew, where’s Alvar?

    Andrew: Dan I was visiting a friend at the Santa Rosa Hospital For The Mentally Ill and I could swear I saw a guy that looked just like Hanso talking with the doctors.

    D.J. Dan: Intriguing, we know these guys are into the mentally ill. When was this Andrew?

    Andrew: About two months ago.

    D.J. Dan: Two months ago? Shutdown! Useful information only people, come on, come on. Lindsey from N.Y.C. You're on baby

    Lindsey: Hey Dan, I was doing a photo shoot of a soccer stadium in L.A. and I swear Hanso was running a tour de staid.

    D.J. Dan: And what in the holy-heck fire is a tour de staid Lindsey?

    Lindsey: Where you run up and down all the stairs in a stadium.

    Dan: Shutdown! Recent estimates put Hanso at somewhere near 112 years old. I don’t care what kinda life extension drugs they’re pumping into the old boy, hey, I couldn’t run a sewer des staid when I was 20, O.K.

    Tonya: I think that might be more of an individual problem, D.J. Dan.

    D.J. Dan: Tonya, don't make me come into the producer's booth!

    Tonya: Hah, if we had a producer's booth.

    DJD: Yeah, okay, sorry about that. Steve from Florida, where's Alvar?

    Steve: Hey, D.J. Dan, chtsk, you're awesome.

    DJD: Yeah, I know that, where's Alvar?

    Steve: Um... I know for a fact he was taking applications at an Army recruiting office in Tallahassee.

    D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Everybody knows there ain't nothing but strip clubs and waffle joints in Tallahassee. And Hanso doesn't strike me as a desperate man. Tony from San Fran., where's Alvar?

    Tony: I'm pretty sure I saw him in a hot air balloon.

    D.J. Dan: O.K., O.K., that's a billionaire’s sport. Tell me, Tony, where were you at the time?

    T: In a hot air balloon.

    D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Speaking of hot air... O.K. Lightning Round! Just name the location, Nat, from Raleigh, go!

    Nat: Yeah, Niagara Falls.

    D.J. Dan: American or Canadian side?

    Nat: Uh, Canadian?

    D.J. Dan: Shutdown! Kevin from Des Moines, where's Alvar?

    Kevin: Uh, uh, I'm pretty sure I saw him at a diner last night, a few miles from... here?

    D.J. Dan: Populated or unpopulated road?

    Kevin: Unpopulated.

    D.J. Dan: Tanya, take down the info. Don from Athens, Georgia or Greece?

    Don: Greece… [Laughs] By way of Georgia.

    DJD: Okay, now I'm really confused. Where's Alvar?

    Don: Uh, well, uh, I heard from a friend he went to a faith healer at Ayer's Rock in Australia.

    DJD: Uh... on the fence with that… Don't know… Gonna have to go with... Shutdown! Hanso is the “Man”, and the “Man” ain't vibing with the faith healers. Okay, last call before the break, Nicolai, from Philly, Where's Alvar?

    Nicolai: Hi, D.J. Dan, I’m frequent traveler and more than once in V.I.P. lounge Oceanic Air I've seen old European gentleman absolutely…

    DJD: Mm-hmm.

    Nicolai: …fitting Hanso's description, always with drink in hand.

    DJD: And this alleged drink of yours, uh, what was it?

    Nicolai: Look like he drinks Manhattan.

    DJD: Shutdown! Now if you'd ‘ave said mineral water, I would have bit. Well folks, our journey today was most likely fruitless, but… keep those peepers peeled and tune in two weeks from now for another edition of Where's… Whoa! Tonya! Help me get rid of this cardboard cutout, c'mon. Let's get it out of here. It’s freakin’ me out!

    Announcer: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down the man.”

    A “Bounce”/Jeep Compass commercial follows the podcast.


    This episode of D.J. Dan’s podcast was filled with many Lost related references. I have listed them here (with some explanation) for review and research:

    Persephone / Rachel connection: It looks like D.J. Dan is not buying into the Rachel is Persephone tie-in. Could it be a lie? P=RB as far as I'm concerned.
    Southwest Michigan (Michianna): The DeGroots performed many of their psychological experiments at the University of Michigan.
    Mr. Cluck's Chicken: Hurley’s employer and mentioned in “Bad Twin” as a place main character, Paul Artisan, had eaten in L.A.
    Santa Rosa Hospital for the Mentally Ill: Hurley and Libby were patients here.
    Tour de Staid: Jack and Desmond have both attempted this type of exercise (two episodes of Lost).
    Life Extension Drugs: Kelvin, Desmond, Claire and Aaron took LED injections.
    Army Recruiting Office: (was Kate from Tallahassee?) Kelvin was an officer. Was he also a recruiter?
    Hot Air Balloon: The “real” Henry Gale, Mr. Cluck’s Chicken and Minnesota Metallurgy.
    Niagara Falls: Bernard proposed to Rose at a restaurant overlooking the falls.
    Diner (in Iowa): Kate's Mom worked at a diner.
    Ayers Rock (Uluru): Is the world's largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site. It is Australia's most famous natural landmark. Bernard takes Rose here to be healed.
    Faith Healer: Bernard takes Rose to a Faith Healer at Ayer’s Rock.
    Oceanic Air: THE airlines in Lost.

    Also, Narvik is in Norway. Why would D.J. Dan have a cutout of Alvar Hanso from a place never before discussed? Hmm… correct me if you think that Narvik is not what he said (Is there a Narvack somewhere?)

    Update 07/11: Oops, I guess Narvik was mentioned before... The Spanish Doctor Perez wrote a letter to Hanso at his Narvik Villa, which was returned to her.

    The next podcast is not scheduled until two weeks as D.J. Dan states in his 7/10 episode, “tune in two weeks from now for another edition.” I am not sure if this means that there will be another “Where’s Alvar?” edition podcast or just the D.J. Dan podcast in general. I guess we’ll have to wait until July 17th to find out.


    Rachel has created another entry today and it seems (if she is to be believed) that someone hacked her site?!? She applauds the players and explains that a very good hacker broke her security and posted the wrong newspaper files. Does any of this sound like damage control? At any rate, she does a shout-out to a dozen or so players (congrats to you all) and tells us that her silence the past few days concerned her own safety. Time will tell…

    Then, Rachel asks us if we remember the Geronimo Jackson lyrics, “She left me on the boardwalk/With my head held in my hands...” And, of course, we don’t know of it because no one has ever been able to find this music. San Remo feels like a ghost town to Rachel because the Hanso people and the GWC folks left four days ago, the Valenzetti Equation is still unobtainable, and a certain large ship has departed port (or never was there), not to mention Alvar Hason is still missing.

    Rachel bribed the harbormaster (on our advise?) but the Helgus Antonius appears to be a phantom ship. It never arrived in port and never departed. Either it was never there or the master was bribed sufficiently to keep quiet. Rachel says goodbye to her Widmore severance package which implies that she worked for them and confirms that Helgus Antonius means “Holy Flower”. She also thinks that St. Anthony, patron Saint of things lost, may also be important. Rachel again appeals to us, the players, for help as well as GidgetGirl. I assume we’ll be hearing from her very soon…

    She also makes a point to tell us again about Mittlewerk's blood transfusion and inoculations. Must be important but I don't see how yet.

    P.S. In my opinion this post DOES sound like Rachel and most likely is!!

    From member Annalisa the following notes on Narvik:
    "DJ Dan mentions that his life size picture of Hanso is from Narvik. If you look up Narvik, there is a huge port in that town and has its own website at

  • that can accept any type of ship with no depth restrictions, handling all types of ships. Is our ship going there? They call themselves the "strategic cargo link between east and west." And if you check out the history page, there is a picture from WWII of a german soldier. Alvar Hanso? I know he was a gun runner but nothing else is ever said about him during that time. Was he in the army helping people out as an inside spy?"

    Also, there is a container crane here that has a lifting capacity of up to 42 tons of freight and "can handle all types of cargo." They also have a "deep water quay." Interesting that D.J. Dan should mention Alvar Hanso connected to this port city. Hmm...

    joel said...

    You are awesome -- this blog is an amazing resource. Thank god you don't have first post idiots here.

    The Alternative said...

    Thank you, joel. We try to keep a fluid account of the Lost Experience by posting clues, information, and observations as well as "in-game" and "out-of-game" websites. Comments like yours make us feel that we do it for good reason. And yes, first through fifty posts are mostly worthless.

    On a sidenote, we had our comments turned off for the first two weeks of the Experience because of what we saw on some of the other forums. We're glad to get the occasional post from those who appreciate what we are doing.

    The Alternative One

    ameliacrater said...

    If we consider that DJDan is operating two years in the future of the Lost island reality, these character referential phone calls might be like a code. DJDan an info clearinghouse like Vinny's "Uncle" on the old show Wiseguy.

    For instance, the Mr. Cluck's reference might be a msg from or re: Hurley now working undercover to undo Hanso or the callers could be evildoers operatives who are keeping track of the Lost islanders.

    When Tonya takes caller info off the air they're getting a new piece of info to tighten the net? What do you think? Maybe just the "Where's Alvar" broadcast?

    Anonymous said...

    Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.

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