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Rachel Blake Paris Post 03

Rachel has a new entry on her secret blog. There is this image of this man…

Who is presumably “The Fixer.”

Click on the words, “FIND THE VIDEO NOW” or the image of The Fixer, which will re-direct you to and the following comment and reply:

A couple of months ago, I was made privy to incriminating evidence concerning my boss and his overseas business projects. The research he has become engaged in -- using the resources and talents of many unwitting employees –- is questionable and almost certainly criminal in nature. To worsen matters, being that my boss is the CEO of a major scientific research company, his unethical acts affect many more lives than just those of my colleagues. I don’t know what to do. Do I sacrifice my career to stop him -- or sit by and watch him ruin the company? I’m aware that blowing the whistle can have drastic consequences, but I feel morally obligated to take some action.
Thank you.
Posted by: Anonymous Jul 20, 2006 8:58:18 AM

Dear Anonymous,
That sounds like an extremely difficult situation. Please read our related advice here: We hope this can offer some assistance.
Best of luck to you,
Maya, Monster Career Advice
Posted by: Maya, Monster Career Advice Jul 20, 2006 9:15:38 AM

Click on the “Bad Boss Mirror link” in the comment above to be directed to

  • Bad Boss Mirror

  • At the bottom of the screen find “To view celebrity career advice videos, click here.” And click on the hot link. The following page has the video entitled “Can She Trust Him? - [2:36] He may hold the key.” Click on it for the following video.

    Strange as it seems this video links back to D.J. Dan at the following:

  • Week5_Post2.wmv

  • Transcription of GlassesCam recording (continued from last video):

    Sirens can still be heard in the background. Rachel and the Fixer are still in the basement of the hotel in which shots were fired.

    Fixer: Not on camera Ms. Blake. Unless you want them to know who you really are.

    Rachel turns off the video recorder but dons her camera glasses.

    Rachel: (Sighs)

    Fixer: You have caused an awful lot o’ trouble for me.

    Rachel: Wanna tell me who you are?

    Fixer: Hanso Foundation. Tech support.

    Rachel: I’m being terrorized by I.T.?

    Fixer: I’ve worked for Mittelwerk a long time. I erase things. Bank accounts, e-mails, cell phones… people.

    Rachel: Zander? Darla?

    Fixer : No, that wasn’t me. What happened to them was not by my hand. But I knew. And I’ve seen what you’ve been doing. Been on to you since you hacked the Hanso Foundation web... (camera cuts to static) I came to your hotel room in Copenhagen to warn you, Rachel. But you…

    Rachel: You should have knocked! Why do you want to help me?

    Fixer: Because I don’t want to be a part of it anymore. Because “he” wants me to help you. (camera cuts to static) Now, let’s talk about you. I heard your mother died. Is she the one who told you?

    Rachel shakes her head yes at this point (the camera view shakes affirmative).

    Fixer: I’m hoping I can trust you… with this.

    The Fixer hands Rachel a key.

    Rachel: What is this?

    Fixer: I intercepted an e-mail. I kept it from Mittelwerk and his enforcers. Hugh and Darla had a flat in St. Germain de Pres. You can find all your answers there.

    The Fixer hands Rachel an envelope.

    Fixer: Tell the world, Rachel. Make a scandel. It’s the only way to stop them.

    Rachel: I don’t understand.? You have the access. Why don’t you tell everyone?

    Fixer: Look at who I am. There’s no one I can tell. You have a vested interest. But me, after this I’m gone. I’m going underground. Good luck, Rachel.

    Rachel: Hey, wait! I just… Thank you for…

    Fixer: Don’t! (whispers) Don’t. I’m going to Hell. I’m just making sure Mittelwerk is there to keep me company.

    Camera pans to Rachel's hand holding the key and the envelope.

    Rachel mispronounces Armand Zanders name. She calls him Zandler. I thought that very strange. Also, Rachel’s mother is very important here. It could be a key. You’d think that an I.T. guy would recognize if a pair of glasses contained a video recording device. No? Should I stop calling him The Fixer and start calling him The Eraser? St. Germain Des Pres is a neighborhood in Paris. Isn't it odd that The Fixer started his anti-Hanso campaign after intercepting and viewing an e-mail. Where can we find that e-mail? And, what information might be contained in an e-mail that would cause a long time Hanso employee to become fifth-column? Does the Anonymous comment on sound like The Fixer? He knows his boss, the CEO, is into some very unsavory acts. Here is the e-mail asscociated with this person: ( ) (This sure sounds like someone in the Hanso world - "Infiltrate 108" Wish I'd thought of that!) And, in the video Fixer looked like he was holding his arm as if injured. In my last comment on this I felt he had been shot in the hotel room. I believe this verifies that fact.

    Doc Jensen’s EW Article # 2

  • EW Article PopWatch

  • Keeping an eye on pop culture
    July 19, 2006
    'Lost' Experience: Rachel lives!; Retrievers, not so much promised major developments in The Lost Experience this week in the wake of Rachel Blake's possible death last Friday -- and, whaddya know, things are developing. Fret not, Rachel crushers: The intrepid investigator survived the assassination attempt on her life, and seems to have made a new ally in the process, a presumed villain who is promising her answers to a great many questions. Our Experience sources indicate that the intelligence Rachel's about to get is must-know info for all Lost fans. To view Rachel's newest vid blog, you have to travel a circuitous path; we suggest clicking over to for directions.

    DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY: Rachel Blake is being duped. The secret Hanso history that she is "exposing" is actually an elaborate fiction created by the Foundation, and she's been tricked into investigating. Why? To take all of us for a ride -- a ride with a destination. The mystery is the bait; its ultimate answer is a trap. Rachel's fans/audience are being lured toward... something. I suspect either a world-changing psychic event, accompanied by a blast of electromagnetic light, or... the season premiere of Lost, which ABC announced today would occur on Oct. 4.

    In other developments: It appears that a key Lost Experience website may be on the verge of being retired. For over a month, the strange psychic-dog website housed a secret message board comprised of Verizon employees worried about possible corruption of their beloved company by The Hanso Foundation. Until recently, the passsword that accessed the message board was POLAR BEAR. Now, you only get a prompt for an email address. Comply, and you get an e-letter from RoT founder Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole that thanks RoT supporters for their patronage and speaks ambiguously of "change." Sounds like a "Closed for business" notice to me. If so, head over to RoT NOW if you haven't already to read some of the site's crazy content.

    DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY: Has Hanso/Dharma been telepathically manipulating the Oceanic 815 castaways via Walt's psychic dog Vincent? Whatever -- I gotta run. My dog tells me he wants to go for a walk. He's also suggesting I change my phone service. Hmmm...

    Doc Jensen EW Article # 3

  • EW Article # 3

  • Keeping an eye on pop culture
    July 20, 2006
    'Lost Experience': Who is Rachel Blake?
    The Lost Experience may be the worst thing that ever happened to Lost. Follow my reasoning here: TV shows need advertising dollars to survive, right? And advertisers buy time on TV shows because they are watched by people who can presumably buy their products, right? So what happens when people like me lose our jobs -- and therefore lose the salaries with which we buy those aforementioned products -- because we are wasting our employers' time and Internet access surfing Experience sites looking for updates and emailing tips and theories to each other? That's right, kids: Those advertisers will stop advertising on Lost because our viewership, however substantial, will be rendered meaningless to them, and therefore Lost will get cancelled. My logic here is unimpeachable! Do not assail it! Lost is doomed! Way to go, Lost Experience creator people. Way to freakin' go.

    All to say: we have more TLE updates for you.

    Rachel Blake (pictured) has posted a new vid blog at As always, if you don't want to do the searching yourself, visit our friends at for directions. It's a modest update but rasies delicious questions. What does Rachel's mom have to do with her quest? Who is the mysterious "he" (Alvar Hanso? The leader of The Others?), and why does "he" want to help Rachel? How has this Hanso goon "erased" people? Could these people include the Lost castaways? And will the key Rachel has received unlock the answers to thes questions?

    DOC JENSEN 'TLE' TIP: The answer to the last question is YES. I also think we should keep our eyes peeled for at least one more communication from Rachel very soon. And then, right after that, [CENSORED BY THE HANSO FOUNDATION].

    In other TLE news:
    DJ Dan has updated his conspriacy tracking website with two new videos -- commericals for The Hanso Foundation that promote Hanso's "life extension" and "mathematical forecasting" initiatives.

    DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY: It's the Garden of Eden hypothesis. What does The Bible tell us about what happened after Adam and Eve ate the apple? Death entered the world, and life would become marked by hardship and chaos. Seems to me that these two Hanso initiatives are means of finding scientific ways of restoring mankind, and the world, back to its pre-fall condition. "Life extension" is about cheating death; "mathematical forecasting" is about eliminating disorder. If the island is a mythical wellspring of life -- in other words, Eden -- then I wonder if Hanso thought he could fix the world by introducing an antidote into its sin-poisoned waters. In other words: The world is a computer that's been compromised by a vrius (original sin); The Numbers is a fix, and it's being distributed around the world through electromagnetic energy. [NOT CENSORED BY THE HANSO FOUNDATION, BECAUSE THAT'S JUST HILARIOUSLY STUPID.]
    Posted by Jeff Jensen 07.20.06, 01:33 PM

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