Wednesday, July 19, 2006


D.J. Dan’s website has been updated. Go to the site and click on the link for “Eyes on the Man (Who We’re Looking at This Month)”. There are now three images of Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk.

Images # 1 & # 2

Clicking on the first image (Tom on the ground from his encounter with Rachel) takes you back to the old Hanso Foundation page (see last post) where clicking on the added text will give you the new Mittelwerk / Hanso Foundation Commercial # 7. Update 07/19/06: If you are patient and wait (about 100 seconds) a new clue posts to the site. When the Hanso Foundation page first was hacked and shutdown the image stated "orientation_testing_issue_1980", which revealed a video with many different inages. However, today it reads "orientation_testing_version_1980." I wonder why the difference? Is the Hanso Foundation site scheduled to come back up soon? This new line of code does not work in the URL if added. Perhaps it is for a later date?

Clicking on the second image (Tom and Joop) takes you to

  • Hanso T.V. Commercial # 8

  • and clicking on the last image (Tom at Hanso) redirects you to this video
  • Hanso T.V. Commercial # 9

  • Commercial # 8 (Joop/Life Extension Program)

    Life Extension Program Video

    Mittelwerk: "What if 90 years was just the beginning?

    Life extension. It's the grand summation of all our work.

    Now, many wonder, is it safe, ethical? We say, meet Joop. He's happy, healthy, and 105 years old! We’ve saved Joop from the ravages of time. Now, he's helping us to save our own lives.

    The Hanso Life Extension Program.

    We're reaching out to a better tomorrow. "


    Images (in order of apperance): An elderly couple is seen dancing on the beach at sunset, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk in his lab coat, an inset image of Joop drinking milk from a cup, Earth as seen from space with the Hanso "Better tomorrow" blurb in the foreground, and the Hanso Foundation T.V. Commercial logo.

    Commercial # 9 (Weather / Mathematical Forecasting Initiative)

    Mathematical Forecasting Initiative Video

    Mittelwerk: "The brute force of Nature. Need we always live at its mercy? Life's tragedies... they bring pain, but they also bring understanding. While nature's fury cannot be checked, the human cost can be.

    With the Hanso Mathematical Forecasting Initiative, we're advancing warning systems and speeding disaster relief.

    At the Hanso Foundation, we're reaching out to a better tomorrow, in which Man and Nature live in harmony."


    Images (in order of appearance): a swirling tornado, an erupting volcano, relief workers with an earthquake victim on a stretcher in front of rubble strewn buildings, a tornado ravaged home, a crying child, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk in his lab coat, the Mathematical Forecasting Initiative logo, a bald man writing formulae on a glass chalkboard, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk again, and the Hanso Foundation T.V. Commercial logo.

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