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Friday, July 14th, 2006

Rachel’s cover page has been updated and it now states that she is in Paris. Rachel, or someone very close to her, has posted again today on her secret site with an image of what looks like a garden and the user name and password for a website.

user naem: rblake
password: milkcartonman

Clicking on the images takes you to the
  • subLYMONal
  • website. In Rachel Blake's last post, Mel0drama commented and signed off by saying "LISTEN, LOOK, WATCH". At the subLYMONAL page type in the word LISTEN and you will be directed to the Tarib site. Clicking on his right eye (LOOK) opens a user I.D. and password window. Enter the information supplied by Rachel to WATCH the video.

    Video transcription:
    Darla, I’m sorry. I didn’t hold up my end of the deal. If it was a trap to get your girl here in Paris I wanted it on camera. But it wasn’t her that called and it could have been anybody. I thought the camera… maybe that could somehow save me. I arrived ten minutes early and waited (image of garden(?) on Rachel’s site) and waited. Maybe she showed, saw the glasses and knew I had the camera. Maybe she balked. I’ll never know. Remember this face? (Rachel pivots her laptop to show an image of a tragic accident) McIntyre, 38, Communications Director of the philanthropic, non-profit The Hanso Foundation apparently lost control of the vehicle. Officials pulled his body and that of Darla Taft, Corporate Liaison, for the Global Welfare Consortium from the submerged car. Initial ruling is that the crash was accidental. It was no accident. They were murdered. I, I can’t do this anymore. GidgetGirl, Darla, was a good person. We had a trust. I knew from the beginning but she was Hugh’s mistress and she knew that I was Persephone. (Gunshots through glass can be heard) Is someone shooting at me? Someone is shooting at me. (Phone rings and there is a pounding on the door a man says, “Open the door!” Rachel says, “Holy God!” and the camera goes dead.


    The image posted to Rachel’s site has a bullet hole through it (bottom right hand corner). Does this mean that she was shot at more than once today? Or, just a clue to say that the shooting had taken place? Also, Mel0Drama posted a number of comments in which he/she seems very panicked and fearful of Rachel’s safety.


    Mandrake Wig sent out a message to members of MySpace concerning new discussions at the ROT Verizon Forum today. Go to the Retrievers of Truth webpage
  • ROT
  • and enter the existing password (polar bear) to get the newest ROT discussion entitled, “How'd you like a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray? - 07/14/06.” They direct us to the Broadband Stories site, with this entry: “DSLerator: 10:40am Good lord. This is horrific. Mittelwork promoting broadband” for a new video. Go to the Broadband site
  • Broadband Stories
  • Look for the link with the Hanso Foundation logo.


    Intro: Business lives and dies on communication.

    Page Intro: The President's Precedent

    Communication is life blood of any company working to better Mankind.

    Thomas Mittlewerk
    President and Chief Technologist
    The Hanso Foundation

    In his role as President and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation, Mr. Mittelwerk's leadership has ensured prodigious contributions to numerous scientific disciplines, all in the name of insuring a better future for the whole of humanity.

    Visit The Hanso Foundation

    Business lives and dies on communication and when your business is extending life and improving health, advancing technology to mend an injured planet, communication can literally mean the difference between life and death.

    Text: As President and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation, it is my job to make sure that the beneficial work of this multi-lingual, multi-national, multi-discipline organization reaches every one of the good people we are trying to help. THF isn't just about the cutting edge of science; it's about bringing people together, from prize-winning scientists to villagers in the developing world under the banner of "better living through innovation."

    Without broadband we would be completely in the dark. Our ability to communicate relies on real-time video conferencing, uploading and downloading vast quantities of information and the lightening fast transmission of e-mail around the world and back. A lot of people think the medical, education, scientific advancements made by THF are a godsend. And they are right, but, if you ask me, it is the godsend of broadband that truly allows us to reach out for a better tomorrow and do what we must.


    The last few communications from Mittelwerk contained the words “darkness” and “dark” and he is wearing a white lab coat in both this video and the last commercial. Could they have meaning later on in the Experience? Why did Beatnik have boxes on his desk? Packing up and leaving? Could he be the person pounding on Rachel’s door just before the video went blank?

    Retrievers of Truth Page Changes 07/15/06

    Enter your e-mail address to receive the last e-mail from Wally. (Repeated here for your review).

    “Dear friends,

    Thank you for supporting the Retrievers of Truth. You unwavering loyalty and patronage are what keep me working so hard to get the truth out there about the Labrador. Things are going very well for the organization and for myself. I would not be speaking to you if it were not for your belief.

    Today I would like to talk to you about something that has effected us all at one time or another - change. Change is the nature of existence. Do you think the now mighty and mentally superior Labrador retriever was always such a symbol of canine superiority? Definitely not.

    I myself have experienced change in my life. An awakening or rebirth of sorts. And from that change came personal growth. A flowering, if you will. When a young yellow is but a pup he hasn't the slightest inkling of the changes he will endure. He goes though life as a pet only to later become the true master.

    I can't tell you how to overcome change but I can tell you to look to the future. Aim for the stars. Pick a point in your mind that you want to reach and allow yourself to change - to adapt and be ready for anything that might come your way.

    Like a wise old yellow once told me, "If I didn't change my mind, I'd be thinking the same things every single day.

    Yours truly, Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole

    The password "polar bear" no longer works on the Retrievers of Truth page. The following can be found in the source code of the ROT page and works as password for the ROT Newsletter login: "1CF11D16-C378-4D5A-B038-00DF9ED171FF"

    Update: July 18th, 2006 - New ROT Verizon Forum login: E72CDBF5-94FA-465C-BE5D-0138AE32E38BANDNOITDONTMEANNOTHIN


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