Wednesday, July 12, 2006


It has been a long time coming but it looks like we have another commercial from the Hanso Foundation. Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk is the centerpiece of this commercial which aired during the episode “23rd Psalms” of Lost tonight.

Mittelwerk is seen in a white lab coat in the lobby of The Hanso Foundation and the commercial is Presented by ABC, Inc.


Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk
President and Chief Technologist, The Hanso Foundation

“Spirited debate…
It’s the cornerstone of our philosophy, here at the Hanso Foundation. We’re reaching out to a better tomorrow and that means listening to our critics, even those who would lob unfounded claims from the darkness. We’re confident in our mission. That’s why we invite you – talk about us, discuss our accomplishments and continued progress.

We are here for you.
Thank you and Namaste.”

Is there a clue here somewhere? I have been looking at the transcript for quite some time and only “unfounded claims from the darkness” and “spirited debate” stands out. It is a strange way to say this. I wonder if it is a clue of some sort?

Note: The shutdown site has been changed with new text that reads: "Click here to see a statement by Dr. Werner Mittelwerk, President and Chief Technologist of the Hanso Foundation." The entire statement contains a hot link to the Mittelwerk Hanso Commercial # 7 that we've already seen. The text reads Werner Mittelwerk, but the commercial tells us that this is Thomas Mittelwerk. Strange difference here...


ameliacrater said...

Mittlewerk and his GWC buddies vanish; Dr. Zander (another Bad Twin reference? Alexander "Zander" Widmore?) is disappeared; the "late" Vigi Benoffski and our own Vincent "Wally" Bole are both (unless they're the same guy. VB?) off to Australia (Wally was going to Korea, too, but maybe the missles will dissuade him of that side trip.)

And the Helgus Antonius comes and goes without leaving a trace. Exactly how Rachel failed to see them leave is a mystery in itself, but has it been discussed anywhere that the same magic that cloaks "the island" could be used on this ship? Philadelphia Experiment-style? Could it be beaming its way to Perth/Korean off-shore site?

Re: The Holy Flower/St. Anthony: You might be interested in checking out this medical site on St. Anthony's Fire, Ergotism, Heart Disease. There's just got to be a connection with our hippy-trippy-gimpy bunch, don't you think?

The Alternative said...
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The Alternative said...


No doubt about it! They are hiding the ship in a cloud of nano-bots disguised as fog. Or something similar...

Good call... Vigi Benoffski could very well be Vincent Bole. Did one, or the other, need to disappear for some reason?

The Alternative One

Anonymous said...

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The Alternative said...

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The Alternative One

Anonymous said...
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