Wednesday, May 31, 2006


May 31st, 2006

Hanso Foundation Call Center Update

I tried to dial the Hanso Foundation number this evening and the following recorded message was played: "99-4 The number you have dialed is invalid or is blocked from your area code, please check the listing and try your call again." This message repeated a number of times and then went into busy signal mode. Are they revamping the Call Center? Or just forgot to pay their Verizon bill?

CODE # 6 May 31st, 2006

The 2nd Faceless Man

There is a new Persephone message on the Press Release: "+ 1 "

We used Persephone's code to add plus one to the previous hole2 clue to locate the following site: All we could find was a generic placeholder for a missing picture. The source code reveals that the picture name is supposed to be "t9agen75.gif". If we use the same number and letter substitution as before we find the letters "tiagenge." (tagen + 9 = i, 7 = g and 5= e) Could this be an anagram for "engage it"? (Thanks to Dave Conley for the heads up on this.) Evidently, someone also caught the screencap image before it was removed from the page and posted it to the Lost Experience Clues site (image below).

This does not look like the same person as in the "hole2" image and it is not a different type of image of "hole2" as that image shows a man with a coat and tie. Somehow, though this person looks familiar... like we have seen him somewhere before. Does anyone recognize or know who this is? Any luck manipulating the picture for a better image?

Update: Some players are reporting that they can see the words "Save Me" embedded in the left eye of the image after playing with the color pallet. Who might possibly need saving?

Could the faceless men be the new members of the Board of Directors (from the RSS Feed Source code): Bill Flood and Sam Hicks?

The Real World Strikes Again

And on Sunday in the New York Times recreation section of the paper was found the following:

"14 BAD TWIN, by Gary Troup. (Hyperion, $21.95.) A private investigator faces danger as he helps a man search for his irresponsible missing brother."

So it seems that a fictional novel, written by a fictional author about characters from a fictional television show have made the top 20 best sellers book review list in America. Amazing!

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